grandfathers big relief, an unforgettalbe birthday present for his 70 jubilee by his nursing staff

grandpas relief

grandpops appetite for sex is a serious issue in the family. All the family related members do know, that they have to keep the females far way from grandfather because it seems that with raising age his desire for love and pussy raises from day to day. But today there is an exception, its his birthday, to be precise his 70th and his wife wanted to do him a favour and booked a young romanian girl at the nursery service that is skilled handling older men and their sexual desires. And grandmom has a good eye choosing the right girl for grandather. 21 years old Luna a skilled nursing worker that is dedicated taking care about the most intimate wishes of aging male people offered him her young tasty body. First she tought it would be an easy job because older men often loose stamina with raising age,
but she didnt count in grandfathers never ending staming. Faced with the opportunity to bang again a cute young girl, maybe the last time in his life , he pulled out all the magic forces that are burried deep inside his big balls and hipster beard. He opend the mouth of that girl with his tongue and then made her slowly wet by rubbing her nipples. Pushing the right buttons this pretty sexnurse catched fire to and forgot that she was handling a 70years old. She opend her cute meaty lips for him so he would be able to lick her deep inside her tasty cunt and stimulated by all this she started to pull his old stick inside her cunt , to give grandpops a good ride. But grandfather is even more pervert then she tought, he was asking her to milk his penis while she had to finger his asshole, that was a practice she didnt know but she was glad to learn new stuff . turned on grandpa pulled that babe on the back and layed on her the classic missionary way, it wasnt easy for that young chick to feel over 200 pounds of old meat on her young body but grandfather was so skilled slipping his old penis in and out while grabbing her hard that she even climaxed earlier then he did. to pay him back for such a great orgasm she wanted to make him to distribute his juice all over her beautiful face.

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