Mature Granny Boss Bitch won’t retire

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Like a locomotive. Hot And steamy is All American Housewife Rose . She’s not rusty – not at all. Even after 40 years as an Iron Lady in her old company she’s still willing and killing. As Boss Bitch she fired men in the hundreds . But the recruiting part wasn’t fun too. If she was going to hire a man he was tested horizontal and hormonal. No wonder most men in her company were below 30. Granny’s still chasing for young interns in all better nightclubs around town. That busty lady comes with a heck of energy and experiences. She knows everyones weak spot at once and will surely play on that chord. Her busty body is a mighty fortress but the guest is king. Aged und mature she changed her tones mildly but that tongue is salty as ever. She together with her stuffed Bra and that old pussy of hers are making an unforgettable impression. She’s screaming with her entire body for sex. Simply because she’s too good at it !

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